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50 Tablets

Specially crafted for athletes to add to their training regime as an estrogen inhibitor in order to control the hormonal balance of your body.
Dosage (Male): 2mg, every other day
Dosage (Female): 1mg, every other day
Dosage Frequency: As needed during or after cycle
Dosage Type: Oral Tablet
Active Half-Life: Approximately 1-2 days


Product Information


Fusion Aromasin is specially crafted for athletes to add to their training regime as an estrogen inhibitor in order to control the hormonal balance of your body. This level of control lets you take your training to its zenith.

Control Your Hormones with Fusion Aromasin

Fusion has taken the time to source the ultimate expression of exemestane (Aromasin) in order to make sure that your gains and muscle buildup can be maintained and doesn’t fall prey to bloating or pockets of excess fat being stored on your chest or hips. Estrogen can wreak havoc on your body if you are not proactive about it.

Take control of your hormones and look better than ever.

What is Fusion Aromasin?

Aromasin, also known as exemestane, is an estrogen modulator that was originally formulated to assist women dealing with breast cancer. The compound is a potent aromatase inhibitor and was quickly adopted by elite athletes, bodybuilders, and trainers to counteract the estrogen production caused by many of the performance enhancing drugs used today.

Reasons to Take Fusion Aromasin

  • Maximize the effect of your testosterone enhancements

  • Reduce the effects of estrogen on your training regime

  • Keep your body in the correct hormonal balance

How Do You Use Fusion Aromasin?

Fusion Aromasin is powerful enough to not only inhibit the production of estrogen and maintain the proper hormone levels for your training needs, but also actually fight off many of the other induced effects of estrogen, like bloating. It has an active life of about 24-40 hours in the body.

The most successful usage of this compound is as a post cycle therapy. Consult a specialist on how you can effectively and safely incorporate Fusion Aromasin into your regime.


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