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50 Tablets

Fusion Clomid is specially designed with the athlete and weightlifter in mind to allow them (and you) to control their hormones better and reach all new gains.
Dosage (Male): 50-100mg per day
Dosage (Female): 25-50mg per day
Dosage Frequency: As needed during post-cycle therapy (PCT)
Dosage Type: Oral Tablet
Active Half-Life: Approximately 5-7 days


Product Information


Fusion Clomid is the newest formation of Clomid (aka clomiphene citrate), an incredibly popular item in the toolbox of elite bodybuilders.

Clomid is the Elite Anti-estrogen Compound

Being able to thwart many of the adverse side effects of estrogen while still increasing your testosterone levels gives you the best of both worlds. Typically your body will want to counteract increased testosterone with various hormones like estrogen. Estrogen will run amok over your physique if you don’t take preventive measures. If you ever saw a lifter with ‘man boobs’ or excessive bloating, it is likely because they failed to account for an increase in their estrogen levels.

If you want to stay cut and ripped while building enormous amounts of muscle mass, you have to take control of your hormones.

What is Fusion Clomid?

Fusion Clomid is a variation of clomiphene citrate, known in common speak simply as Clomid. Since the 70’s Clomid has been used to help women remain fertile and get pregnant. The same chemicals that help women trying to get pregnant also prevent a large amount of the conversion of steroids to estrogen. Due to this fact, bodybuilders and athletes have experimented with the uses for the compound for decades.

Fusion Clomid is the culmination of decades of usage and research by the community. This is specially designed with the athlete and weightlifter in mind to allow them (and you) to control their hormones better and reach all new gains.

Reasons to Take Fusion Clomid

  • Limit the negative ramifications of estrogen in your body

  • Maintain and support the gains made by added testosterone levels

  • Control and affect your internal hormonal levels to better allow you to train

  • Reduce excess water weight

How Do You Use Fusion Clomid?

Fusion Clomid is an oral supplement made to be used in tandem with a steroid or testosterone enhancement regime. You should consult the years of literature and get the opinion of a professional in how you can best implement this Fusion product into your training cycles.


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