ZIONOVA Human Growth Hormone

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Often touted as an exceptional and powerful bodybuilding substance, HGH or GH has remained an anabolic whose popularity never truly waned since its inception. At Fusion, we strive to bring our customers the products they desire in a pure and premium format and our Fusion HGH product is no different.

Grow Larger Than Life with HGH

There are many competing HGH options, but none were built from scratch in the name of better gains.

Get bigger, get stronger, and recover faster! Get premium Fusion HGH.

What is HGH?

HGH is our unique brand version of the ever-popular human growth hormone (H.G.H.). HGH does exactly what it sounds like; it promotes rapid human growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. This further helps increase overall vitality and energy levels as well.

While the medical field still has a long way to go to before they fully understand all the benefits of HGH, elite athletes have been conducting field tests (so to speak) for a generation. Our Fusion blend improves upon the lessons learned by these athletes to create an HGH supplement ready to put you at the top of your game.

Reasons to Take Human Growth Hormone

  • Increase in overall lean muscle mass

  • Improved bone strength

  • Faster cell regeneration (recovery)

How Do You Use HGH?

For your bodybuilding needs, you will likely want to consume somewhere between one and six IU a day. Start with one or two and see how your body reacts and feels. Weight lifters will use HGH for a period ranging from one to six months.

Consult a professional as to your intentions with HGH and how you plan to utilize it in your training regime. They can likely advise you on how to make adjustments and how to do so safely and efficiently.

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