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Fusion Halotestin tablets are our contemporary take on fluoxymesterone, commonly called, and marketed in the past as, Halotestin.
Dosage (Male): 10-40mg per day
Dosage (Female): (generally not recommended for women)
Dosage Frequency: Daily
Dosage Type: Oral Tablet
Active Half-Life: Approximately 8-12 hours


Product Information


Fusion Halotestin tablets are our contemporary take on fluoxymesterone, commonly called, and marketed in the past as, Halotestin. This supplement is made to bring you more mass and brute strength than any competing product. You can expect to quickly feel yourself building a harder physique, recovering faster and feeling heightened energy levels.

Layer on More Mass Than Ever with Fusion Halotestin

Powerlifters have long favored this compound for the intense bulking aspects it brings. While it is not suitable for mass usage, professional athletes and aspiring bodybuilders are huge fans of our Fusion blend. This compound has anabolic and androgenic aspects that easily surpass the average steroidal hormone testosterone.

What is Fusion Halotestin?

While the anabolic power is great, the harshness can mean that only those truly dedicated or in need of the unique power it brings to the table tend to use it in large quantities. In smaller and specific cycles, Halotestin can also be highly effective for even the average gym user.

Medical uses continue today as well with the product being used in replacement therapy for men who have a condition that causes issues with the production of certain forms of testosterone, or who just a general testosterone deficiency.

Reasons to Take Fusion Halotestin

  • Large muscle gains

  • Those looking for huge anabolic strength

  • Increased testosterone levels

  • Stronger and larger muscle building

How Do You Use Fusion Halotestin?

The suggested dosage of Fusion Halotestin ranges from 5mg-40mg daily depending on your unique needs and goals. This is to be taken orally with water.

Make sure to consult a professional about your planned dosage and length of use. You will want to pay close attention to how your body reacts and adjust dosage accordingly.


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