Testosterone 400

  • Chemical Name: Testosterone 400
  • Dosage: 400mg/ml
  • Amount: 10mL


Testosterone 400

Fusion Testosterone 400 is a potent blend of 2 long chain, long acting, esters made specifically to help your body grow bigger and remain stronger than ever before. Add this injectable steroid into your cycle and watch yourself grow more powerful and larger incredibly fast.

Nothing Can Hold You Back When You Use Fusion Testosterone 400

Testosterone 400 is a relatively efficient product for the amount of testosterone you are receiving in a single shot. This blend is newer to the market and Fusion has ensured that we sourced the very best options of it.

What is Fusion Testosterone 400?

Blending 200mgs of testosterone cypionate, and 200mgs of testosterone enanthate. This blend was specifically made to deliver you a massive payload of testosterone quickly in a way your body can process and utilize it.

The uniquely high amount of testosterone in a dose means that many high-level athletes and professional and amateur bodybuilders have found a permanent home for Fusion Testosterone 400 inside of their cycles.

Reasons to Take Fusion Testosterone 400

  • Incredible mass gains

  • Large increase in total strength

  • Build a fuller and more powerful body

  • Increased nitrogen retention in muscles

How Do You Use Fusion Testosterone 400?

Fusion Testosterone 400 is an injectable steroid blend and has an active half-life of 15-20 days. The recommended doses range from 50-1200 mg/week. The dosage size and the regularity which you take these doses will depend on your body, its reactions, and your goals. Consult a professional about your training plans and progress as you begin to use Fusion Testosterone 400.

This is a very stackable steroid and can be used in tandem with other supplements to maximize your training regime. Injections of Testosterone 400 will be slightly more painful than some other brands. This is a normal reaction.

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