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Fusion Winstrol is our unique and highly effective blend of stanozolol. Our version of stanozolol (Winstrol) is made to help you get large, hard, ripped muscles fast while cutting away unnecessary fat.
Dosage (Male): 30-90mg per day
Dosage (Female): 5-15mg per day
Dosage Frequency: Daily
Dosage Type: Oral Tablet
Active Half-Life: Approximately 9 hours


Product Information


Fusion Winstrol is our unique and highly effective blend of stanozolol. Our version of stanozolol (Winstrol) is made to help you get large, hard, ripped muscles fast while cutting away unnecessary fat.

Create a More Built and Cut Body with Fusion Winstrol

The combination of a one-two punch in muscle gains and fat reduction will quickly have you looking better and feeling stronger than you thought your body ever capable of. Your muscles will also have an increased firmness due to the reduction of water weight. Add this to your next cutting cycle and be amazed!

Winstrol has long been one of the most popular “mild” steroids out there and our Fusion formula has built upon the products that have been so successful in the past. This is a pill that will quickly transform your body, with changes showing within the span of a single month.

What is Fusion Winstrol?

Winstrol was created and certified by the FDA back in the 60’s for a myriad of medical uses. It was also labeled as “Stromba” at one point.

Today it is used mainly to help people sculpt hard and well-shaped physiques. There is a wide array of literature on usage dating back over 50 years.

Reasons to Take Fusion Winstrol

  • Increase in muscle strength and hardness

  • Retain more lean muscle mass

  • Burn fat

How Do You Use Fusion Winstrol?

Fusion Winstrol will allow you to quickly and efficiently sculpt your body, but it requires careful and planned out usage as part of a larger program to be truly effective. It is not the best bulking option, but can play an effective and important role in your training regime, especially in the cutting phase. You can begin to see results after only a few weeks of usage.

This product is taken orally. Consult a professional on your recommended dosage and frequency and how this can be used to take your body to the next level.


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